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The Scumbags 2010 Manifesto... Truth, Reconciliation, and CHEAPER DRUGS NOW![edit]

  • The Scumbags Party will ensure a windfall tax of 101% is placed on the excessive profits of Tony Blair's after dinner and before dinner speaking ensuring everytime Tony Blair opens his mouth he owes us THE GREAT BRITISH SCUMBAGS 1% more than he earned for speaking. Maybe he will then shut the fuck up. We shall see.
  • The Scumbags Party will ensure any poitician in future introducing legislation "for the good of the children" will be kicked in the genitals repeatedly until they cannot have anymore children ever again.
  • The Scumbags Party will solve the EU budget crisis by sending in Carol Vorderman with a really big blackboard.
  • The Scumbags Party will repeal all anti-smoking legislation and create death camps for people who go round sniffing the air, complaining and pulling faces.
  • The Scumbags Party will stop all immigration into and out of England but only for Scotch persons and Muslims. Existing immigrants will be chopped up into plant food and spread over the nations allotments. All airports will be turned into skate parks for the good of the children.
  • The Scumbags Party will legalise all currently illegal drugs and other substances and ensure they are sold in massive quantities in the nations poundshops to enable stultification of over-population and shit weekends in Weatherspoons.
  • The Scumbags Party will force all Weatherspoons to have Jukeboxes and Pool Tables with cast iron cues.
  • The Scumbags Party will prosecute David Cameron for housing benefit fraud and compel him to attend jobseeking support with A4E in order that he can find a proper job outside politics or the media.
  • The Scumbags Party will pull all troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan and send them to take over Switzerland stealing their chocolate, and ensuring a homeland for the Muslim people when France gets too full up.
  • The Scumbags Party will combine all current Nursing Homes and Youth Centres into One-Stop Shops for "Persons of a rubbish age".
  • The Scumbags Party will not write manifestos of over ten individual points which we have no serious interest in acting upon.

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